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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

This weekend I had all intentions of spending Saturday carving pumpkins with Steph, Stephen, and Tyler, however, I got very sick Friday morning, missed all my classes, went to Mena early and went to the doctor.  Earlier in the week, I had been feeling kind of puny but thought I could tuff it out and by Friday I couldn't even lay down comfortably.  It really sucked and really ruined all my plans.  I got put on antibiotics and spent all of Saturday in my pjs on the couch.  I did get to do some early birthday celebrating with my family though.  Saturday my dad fixed his awesome spaghetti and momma made me a double layer white cake with chocolate icing (delicious).  I also got to open my gifts.  From my parents I got a printer, twp movies (The Killers and Bounty Hunter), and a croc pot.  From my sister I got two wine glasses with woozies, margarita mix, and salt. (I also get to pick out a new wallet)  Tyler's parents gave me my gift before I headed back to Arkadelphia on Sunday.  They got me a beautiful red clock that I had seen at Hobby Lobby about a month ago.  Tyler won't give me my gift till Wednesday but says it is somewhere in the apartment and he also says I will never find it.  I learned a couple things this past week:  1.  don't wait till your symptoms are really really bad to go to the doctor and 2. plans change and life happens.

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