Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day Recap

Happy Monday to all!!

I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving.  I know I did.  I ate way too much, but I know it is just the start of eat-way-too-much season.  Tyler wanted a blackberry cobbler this year.  I had never made one, but I found a recipe on allrecipes.com.  I didn’t eat any of it, but  I was told it was delicious.  I have never really liked cobbler, and if I ever get any, I usually just eat the crust.  I also tried out a Pinterest idea for Thanksgiving.  Early this fall I pinned a tutorial on how to make edible teepees for Thanksgiving.  I will never make them again, and once again I didn’t eat them.  They looked cute if I had them turned the right way so you couldn’t see all the mess ups.  


Looking back over the nice long weekend, I feel like I didn’t get anything accomplished.  Tyler and I went to Black Friday at Wal*Mart but didn’t buy anything.  I brought homework but never looked at it.  Tyler and I were supposed to take pictures for our Christmas card but that never happened.  It seems like all I did was eat, sleep, and be merry.  Tyler and I almost bought me a new laptop but decided against it.  I have had this one since I was a junior in high school.  It still runs fine but gets slower by the day.  I guess we will get me one when this one dies.  We also decided against it because we wanted to save our money for our ALMOST HERE CRUISE!!!  I am so thrilled (as if you couldn’t tell).  The one thing that I did get done that was school related was bake my gingerbread for a school project.  All I have to do now is put it together and decorate it.  That should be fun.  It is due Wednesday, so we shall see.  If the weather permits, Tyler and I will take pictures this coming weekend.  I really want to get them ready to send out before Christmas.  :)  I found some really cute ones on Wal*Mart’s website. 

I didn’t make it to school this morning because I am sick.  Always a fun thing to happen when school is in all-projects-are-due-today mode.  I am starting to feel a little better, so maybe I can work on some homework.  Of course, I will browse the internet looking for Christmas presents.  I know it’s Cyber Monday but I know I won’t buy anything online.  I just want to get some ideas.    


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There’s Not Enough Chocolate

I have been sitting at this computer doing homework since 12 snacking on gooey no-bake cookies (they never hardened) and complaining about this week.  Needless to say I am little bit stressed this week and it is only Tuesday.  I have a project and test tomorrow.  The project is 75% finished.  I have been trying to do an interview for it and can’t get in touch with the dietitian.  Luckily class attendance and participation account for 75% of my grade in this class, and I haven’t missed yet. 

These are my delicious yet ooey-gooey no-bake cookies photo 5

One morning at the end of last week (I don’t remember the day exactly) I woke up to frost on my car.  The first of the season.  Well the first one that I have woken up in enough time to see anyways.  I get mixed emotions about the arrival of frost.  I like that I can start wearing layers and scarves but truly miss the hot summer days.  I know I am weird. :)photo 1

Friday was fun for me because I finally got to make a trip to Hobby Lobby.  I was so excited.  I think I did a happy dance in my car when I got out of school and headed towards Hot Springs.  I spent about 1 1/2 hours in there and got some really great stuff.  When I got home that afternoon, I got busy crafting until about 11:30 that night.  I finished one wreath and started another (both for fall but one is mine and the other I am making for my dad’s house).  photo 3photo 2

Another event that took place this weekend was that I made Basler Leckerli.  A Swiss cookie.  I am doing a food demo on Friday and this is what I am making.  I don’t really care for it (I am chocolate kinda girl) but it smells like the holidays.  It looks good too.  photo 4

This week has just about maxed out my stress load.  I am so stressed that I am only doing the minimum requirements to pass most of my assignments.  I just have so much going on, it is hard to give a 100% to everything.  I am trying to prioritize, but I am still terribly stressed.  I keep thinking that next week is Thanksgiving and I get a 5 day break.  However on that so called “break," I have to work on 1 project, 1 8-page paper, and a project summary.  Fun! Fun! Good news is I only have 2 1/2 more weeks until finals.

I hope everybody has a great week and can find the strength to make it through this week.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday + Me = :)

So obviously I have had a pretty good day and this is why.

I got to register for spring classes today.  I don’t know why I get so excited about this.  I mean I am scheduling more classes to take, and as I get closer to graduation they get harder.  Weird thing to be excited about.  The majority of my classes will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The best part is, I have NO 8:00 A.M. classes!!!  I have also mapped out my classes for Fall ‘12 and Spring ‘13 with my adviser.  I am beyond thrilled that in January, I can finally say I have 2 semesters left.

Another good thing that happened today was that I didn’t have to cook dinner.  Granted I don’t cook dinner every night, it was nice not having to worry about it at all.  Today is apparently Resident Appreciation Day at my apartment complex, so I got free food for dinner. 

I am finished with my homework that is due tomorrow and it isn’t even 5:00.  YAY!!!

Tomorrow is my last group meal to assist with.

I might be going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow.  (I better make a wish list tonight and check Pinterest for more crafty ideas.)

I almost forgot to pay the water bill today.  I wrote a check this morning and put the bill and check in my car.  However, as the day went on, I forgot about it.  I was home and in my pjs before I remembered at 4:00.  It’s a good thing they don’t close until 5.

Grey’s Anatomy comes on tonight! 


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Night Ramblings


As promised…I made 2 diaper baby carriages this weekend for Maegan’s baby shower.  I also made a mini-diaper cake, but I don’t have a good picture of it.  So what do you think about it?  It didn’t turn out great, but it makes a cute picture.  I had trouble getting the top part to fill out and look real round.


The rest of the weekend flew by.  I had a big project due on Monday that I spent some time working on.  I had to come up with a special occasion, create a menu, design it (as in the tables, buffets, activities,etc), and write out 25 recipes.  It doesn’t seem like much but my teacher wants things to be very specific. 

This is the last week we break up into groups of 4 to cook meals in Meal Mgt.  I am thrilled!!!  I am assistant manager this week which means I am responsible for making a time management plan.  This is the part everybody hates.  You have to figure out when everything will be prepped, cooked, and served.  Not any fun.  How I am supposed to know how long it takes Susie to cut a potato?  Google it??

I bought a small desk calendar back at the beginning of October.  It is now November and man does my calendar scare me.  Everyday has something planned, due, or a reminder that something is almost due.  There is so much black ink on it; it is getting hard to tell which day is which.

Yesterday, Tyler and I went to Mena for some errands.  It was my MIL’s birthday, and it was so nice to get to spend some time with her.  We actually got into to town Monday night and were able to make her birthday dinner.  On Tuesday, we had a birthday lunch with her before leaving town. 

Yesterday, we also got to spend some time with C.  I can’t believe how big he is getting.  I snapped these pictures yesterday with my Iphone.   


On the way home, I was noticing just how beautiful the leaves were, and I tried to snap a picture.  Of course it was with my phone, so it’s not great. 

5I am glad Wednesday is almost over.  That means 2 day till the weekend.  Yippee!!  Unfortunately, I will probably spend most of my time inside doing homework.  I am not one to wish my life away, but I am so ready for December 15.  I need a break.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Happens

I sat down this evening to catch up on the happenings of the week.  However, when I sat down my brain totally stopped working.  I think I starred at the screen for like 15 minutes before typing anything.  I guess you can say I am having one of those days.  Actually feels like one of those weeks.  I have been going all week.

It all started on Monday.  Tyler and I had to make a trip to Hot Springs to run some errands.  It wasn’t a horrible trip because I got to eat at Chilli's.  Tyler made me laugh pretty hard on the way home.  The sun was in his eyes, but since he had his glasses on he couldn’t wear sunglasses.  When he just couldn’t take it anymore, he had to improvise, and this is what we got. tyThis week in Meal Management, I am in charge of decorating the table,choosing all the dinnerware and serving pieces, refilling glasses, serving desserts, and making sure everybody follows correct etiquette.  I always thought that I would enjoy this part, but honestly, I am stressing pretty bad.  I am sure there is more to it than just this class.  Tomorrow, I have a Business Stats test.  Oh how I love test days.  I haven’t studied yet, but I think I will before bed. 

I can’t believe it’s November.  I can’t believe it’s already November 3rd.  Crazy.  I really don’t like the cold, but it does allow me to wear scarves.  The absolutely worse thing about November is that all my teachers have realized that the end of the semester is almost here.  Therefore, they have realized we need more homework.  On Wednesday, I was at school from 9-4, and I only had an apple for lunch.  I was in the library for 3 hours straight working on just one of my homework assignments.  The best part, I am not even finished yet. 

One thing I have learned through personal experience is that things are always changing.  This thought has really been heavy on my heart and mind this week.  I am not sure why, but it has really made me examine things in my life.  I had to learn early in life how to adapt with the changing world.  So, I don’t think change effects me very much.  I usually handle it very well.  I handle change the worse when numerous things are changing at once very fast. 

I have volunteered to help host a baby shower for family member in the next few weeks.  (The date isn’t finalized yet.)  I am going to try and make diaper baby carriages to be used for decorations.  I usually make diaper cakes like this one, but I wanted to try something new that I found on Pinterest.  Anyways, I plan on making them this weekend, so I will hopefully be able to post some pictures then. 

It’s almost Friday!!