Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy “Hump” Day!!

So yesterday was Tuesday and I barely had enough motivation to shower.  I pretty much stayed in my pajamas all day.  I did have some energy to finish a little homework in my university writing class and laundry.  Boy will I be glad to be finished with university writing.  The sweet little lady that teaches it grades very hard.  I almost always make a C or worse and mostly because of commas.  It really makes me question my blog and I feel like I need somebody to edit it.  (If you read this and find a grammatical error please do not tell me.  It would just upset me. :) Thanks.)  I also had enough motivation to stay up and watch Teen Mom 2 season finale last night.  I know I could just look around and see plenty of teen moms (not that I have anything against most of them) but I love this show.  I am majorly addicted.  I have been watching since 16 and Pregnant came to mTV. 

Wednesdays are always a busy day for me.  I have class starting at 9 with a break from 10-11 and at 12.  Then I go back for microbiology, chem lab, and micro lab.  All back to back.  Tonight when I got out of school the hubby and I headed to Wal*Mart for some much needed groceries.  Then we got home, had leftovers, and cuddled up on the couch to watch Survivor and American IdolSurvivor is one of the few shows that we actually agree on.  Tyler has a little trouble sitting if the show does not grab his attention.  I sometimes wonder where he gets that.  I have some homework that I should probably be thinking about but it is in my writing class.  The assignment is to have a little research ready by Friday about a woman or man that is a regular individual but has shaped his/her hometown.  I am thinking about doing mine on either Holly Harshman or Louise Durham.

Between my 9 and 11:00 class, I decided to update my blog design.  I wanted to make it a little more “springier” and something that could easily transition to summer.  I really like the polka dots.  I hope everybody has had a great day!!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break Wrap Up

Well, unfortunately spring break is over. :( However, I think it ended on a high note.  I left off Thursday morning in my pj’s.  The day did pick up when Tyler got home from work.  First we went out to eat and then went to Wal*Mart to do some clearance aisle shopping.  I love love love a good deal and boy did we find some.  We got Tyler TWO bottles of body wash for more than half price off.  I found me an icing bag with five decorative tips.  (I haven’t figured out when I will use it but it was only a dollar.)  After we checked out we came back to our trailer and Tyler told me it was time to clean.  I must say Tyler is a very big clean freak.  (Surprise!!!) If things in our house begin to get cluttered he is always the first to start tidying while I sit on my butt on the couch and eventually find a little motivation to help.  I would probably have a very unorganized and dirty house if it wasn’t for Tyler.  Anyways, about an hour later Tyler and I were satisfied with the house and were sitting on the couch when we realized there was no reason we couldn’t be in Mena.  Sooooo about 30 minutes later we were burning rubber towards home.  Thursday night I chilled with Stephanie and Stephen so that I could watch American Idol and Grey’s Anatomy. 

Even though we were in Mena, Tyler still had to work Friday so that meant that I could chill in my pjs for a little while longer before running errands with my driver, Manda.  The most exciting thing that happened on Friday was that I got to see my brother cousin Donald’s baby girl.

morgan macyI stole this picture from his facebook.  I never seem to remember my own camera for important moments like this one was.  She is so cute and tiny.  Her name is Morgan.  I don’t remember my nephew Christopher being this small (but then again he never was). I was super excited to meet her because they live in Bella Vista and I don’t get to see them very often. 

The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back and Tyler and I saved all of our important errands for last minute Sunday evening.  This caused us to get to Arkadelphia at about 9:45.  We pretty much threw our stuff in the house and changed into pjs and called it a night.  On the drive home for about a mile in Caddo Gap we drove threw ice.  We were so shocked but apparently it sleeted pretty good in the area.

I mentioned in the last post that Tyler and I are ready to move back to Mena.  We are constantly weighing the pros and cons of moving to Mena vs. staying put in Arkadelphia.  We have concluded that they are pretty equal on the scale.  However, a new con has been thrown on the table.  I have been trying to put together my fall schedule for school and have decided that due to my scholarships I am going to have to go to Henderson 5 days a week.  Which equals a lot of driving.  Yuck!!!  Tyler and I really want to move to Mena though.  I have decided that if I am going to go 5 days a week, I am going to GO 5 days a week, which will give me a full load of classes on top of the driving and being a wife.  What to do?  What to do?

That’s it.  I am caught up.  (If that is possible for a procrastinator like myself?!?!)  

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break Randoms

My computer is finally home and I am so happy to have it back.  This week is spring break and I can’t believe that it is almost over.  Yuck!!  I have had a pretty unproductive week too.  Tyler would definitely agree to that statement.  My baby sister Manda came and spent a couple days with us in Arkadelphia.  We had so much fun playing the Wii.  I also cooked some darn good meals including chicken enchiladas and roast with some brownies for dessert.  I took this picture with my phone right before I dropped her off in Mena. 

me and mandaLately, we have heard from numerous people that we look so much alike.  Honestly, neither of us see it.  I think it has to do with the fact that we are both such different people we have trouble seeing similarities.  I love my sister and was thrilled she came to spend some time with me.  However, it did make time fly by too fast.

Tyler and I have been having some major heart-to-heart talks about moving Mena in May.  We are both so excited about the move but are unsure where we are moving.  I think at this point in our decision making process we think renting would be the best option.  Tyler is fixing to become very busy with work and it will be hard for us to buy a home.  However, we both can’t wait to have a place to call home.  I don’t know what it is, but here lately I have wanted a yard to garden, mow, or even rake some leaves.  Crazy, huh?!?!? 

The summer and fall schedules have come out for Henderson and I am really excited about my classes.  I plan on taking one summer class in July and about 15 hours in the fall.  I would like to take more though.  I have to take a minimum of 15 to keep my scholarships which have been very helpful in the past. 

It’s mid morning and I am still in my pjs sitting on the couch watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Hopefully soon I will find the motivation to clean the house.  Manda and I made a pretty big mess.  Happy Thursday!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up and Wedding/Honeymoon (Fianlly)

I had a great weekend but who wouldn't with weather like that.  I spent Saturday at the in-laws where we (as in Momma and Daddy Speer) grilled burgers and hotdogs for the us and Olmstead's.  After lunch we all took turns giving Christopher rides on the fourwheelers.  That boy will be a dare devil soon enough just like his Uncle Bubba. Hehehe. ;) The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back.  Sunday morning Tyler and I got up and headed straight back to Arkadelphia where I did laundry, caught up on tv shows, and gave Daisy a bath.  I was pretty proud of what I accomplished.  On a sad note, I think my laptop is on its last leg.  I did not get it back like I originally thought.  Apparently, it has a pretty nasty little virus.  So right now I am writing in the library.

I am also very happy that I am finally going to put some wedding and honeymoon photos on here.  It only took two months.  I am not going to put every single one just a few of my favorites.

The Happy Couple
The Beautiful Bride
The Handsome Groom
The Happy Family
The Entire Wedding Party
First Port in Progresso, Mexico
Last night on the boat "Fancy Night"
Can you see now why I didn't want to come home.  I wanted to get "lost" in Cozumel. ;) I so loved everything about the wedding and honeymoon.  I wouldn't change anything for the world.  It was a dream come true and I can't wait for me to graduate so we can go on many more adventures.  Love you Babe!!! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Decisions!!!!

Here lately I have been such a horrible blogger.  I am not consistant and I have not added any pictures in forever.  I really want to blame it on my computer that broke down with another virus about a month ago.  However, I know it is just my lack of motivation because I have had access to other computers.  Since Tyler and I got back from our honeymoon, I have had full blown "summeritis."  It is all I can think about, sun, tanning, swimming, little to no homework, etc.  I know this summer is going to be different because (wait for it...) Tyler and I are moving back to Mena and we will hopefully be settling into a home of our own!!!!  Exciting news.  We don't know yet where we will be moving to but are super excited about the decision.  The downfall is that I will have to commute for the next 2 years while I complete my Bachelor's.  Another piece of exciting news is that I have officially changed my major.  I have decided to get my degree in dietetics.  YAY!!!!!  Last year I was told that I have high cholesterol and am close to a borderline diabetic.  Crazy news right?!?!?  Well, because of that I was sent to a Registered Dietetian for couseling on what I should eat.  I did really great on my diet and lost weight untill I moved to Arkadelphia this past fall.  I know my new career choice is the right choice because I am going to help others with problems like mine and help myself along the way.  My grandfather died because of diabetes and I watched him suffer through insulin shots.  I don't want that for myself so I know I need to watch my diet and really learn to exercise.  This week is going to be busy for me and most of the time I won't have internet.  Good news though, I think I should be getting my computer this week.  Hopefully I will turn around this blogging bum and really tell my story.