Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It’s mid-week!! Yay!! Tomorrow I only have 1 class in the morning, and then I am off for the day.  I should add though, that I have to do homework when I get home.  I mean did you see my project list.  Very SCAREY!!!

On another note, I am so ready for Christmas.  I know I just carved pumpkins, but that is the only thing that screams fall at my apartment.  I have a fall candy dish that I didn’t put out this year due to the fact that Tyler and I don’t have self control when it comes to candy.  Anyways, I am ready for the Holidays for multiple reasons this year…

1.  Christmas Cards.  This is something that I have been looking forward to since Tyler and I got married.  I just hope I get a few Christmas cards in return.  Steph has volunteered to take some photos, and I have been getting some ideas together.  I got online the other day to look around at Christmas cards and I don’t know how I am going to make a choice.  There are so many styles, and they are all so darn cute.

2.  Sweet Treats.  I have discovered that I enjoy making sweets.  It allows me to “stir away my troubles.”  I also get to be creative with them.  I have found some great recipes online and can’t wait to try them out.

3.  Shopping.  I love shopping, and I love seeing others’ faces when they open their gifts.  I have a note on my phone of gift ideas for family and friends.

4.  The Tree.  No explanation needed. 

5.  Family and Friends.  I always enjoy getting together with all my friends and family around the holidays.  Nobody really discusses work or school, and we have a great time. 

Tyler and I watched two movies this week.  The new Pirates movie and Captain America.  They were really great!!  I loved them both. 

Right now I am putting off some exciting business stats, but since it is 5:30, I should probably get started.

It’s almost the weekend ya’ll.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011







Tuesday Tidbits

I can’t believe Halloween is less than a week away.  Before long it will be Thanksgiving.  Then Finals. THEN CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!!!!!

Since it is so close to Halloween, that means the semester is a little over half way through and the teachers are piling on the projects.  Let me paint a picture…

  • Meal Mgt: Every Friday for the next three weeks my group and I have to prepare a meal. I have a special menu project due November 7.  A baking project due November 30.  A food demonstration sometime around November 14-21.
  • Family Relations: A journal analysis due November 4.  An 8 page autobiography due November 30.
  • Food Economics: A diabetic menu due November 1.  A renal menu due November 10.  A microbe assignment due November 15. A case study due November 17. 
  • Family Resource Mgt:  Project idea due November 1.  Four articles due 11-3, 11-10, 11-17, and 12-1.  Project summary due November 29.  Book review due November 15
  • FCS Seminar:  Project due November 16.
  • And to top it all off… three days a week of Business Stats homework.

I mentioned that for the next three weeks I have to prepare a meal.  The cooking part isn’t too bad.  I actually enjoyed it last week, when it was my turn to cook.  I felt like I was cooking my troubles away. :)  It was really nice because afterwards I didn’t have to many dishes or clean up to do at all.  On Friday, I turned half a whole chicken into Lemon Baked Chicken.  It was delicious.  The hardest part was cutting through the breast bone.  I don’t know why I couldn’t just cut off the breast meat.  I was just following instructions.  I also made an apple pie from scratch.  I don’t even like pie, but I was very willing to eat the pie I slaved over.  The absolutely worse part was staying within our $10.65 budget.  Have you ever tried to fix a meal for 4 people with everything from scratch? Not an easy task.  I was $2.50 over. :( 

Today, I only had one class.  I wouldn’t even call it class because I took a test and went home. I made an A on the test by the way.  After I got home, Tyler and I went to Wally-World to get some much needed groceries.  When we are out of milk, I feel like I can’t cook.  :) We bought some pumpkins and carved them this afternoon.  I will post pictures tonight when they are lit.   


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

too random to give just one name

I can’t believe I haven't blogged since my sisters’ birthdays.  I have had a lot going on in the last week.  I guess I should start with where I left off.
For Manda’s Birthday, I threw her a small party to celebrate.  It was really nice, dad grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, and I took care of everything else.  I made her cake and cookies.  The cake was multi-colored.  I was extremely nervous about it, but it turned out great.  I don’t have pictures of the party because I only took pictures with dad’s camera.  Silly me. :) 
Last week, was my short week of school because I had Fall Break!!!!  That’s right a nice 4 day weekend.  It was so nice and it just happened to fall on my birthday. :) Unfortunately, the days flew by because I had some fun new things planned. 
Tuesday, Tyler took me shopping for my birthday.  It was so nice.  We got a few things for the house, clothes for ourselves, and a nice dinner consisting of steak, hot buttery rolls and potatoes.
Tyler found these at the store, and I just love them!!
c2 c1On Thursday (my 22nd birthday), I cut 10 inches off my hair and plan on donating it to Locks of Love.  I have it bagged up, I just haven’t mailed it in.  I love my new cut, and I think everybody else does too.  I enjoyed having long hair, but I think short hair is so much more fun.  I had Manda take pictures so that she would be occupied and not make gasping sounds. 
h1h2h3h4h5 finished hairOn Friday, I woke up at 4:30 (by accident) and was ready for a fun girls-day-out.  I went to War Eagle with my MIL and SIL for the first time.  It was amazing, and I can’t wait to go back again next year.  I really can’t wait to have a house of my own, so I can decorate with all the super cute lawn items.  I did by a couple things including a wall plaque and two dough ornaments (I couldn’t decide).  We had a late lunch at Applebee's, and on the way home, we stopped in Fort Smith for a little more random shopping. 
plaque o1 o2Saturday was a blur because I spent the majority of the day in the kitchen.  I have a class this semester called Meal Mgt.  It hasn’t been too bad until this week.  I am in charge of taking half a whole chicken and making a meal for four people.  I can’t use anything considered a “convenient” item like soups, crackers, breads, things from cans, etc.  I also have to cook a fresh vegetable, double crust pie, and hot beverage.  I finally have all my recipes.  I intend on making Lemon Baked Chicken, fresh green beans, apple pie (from scratch), and hot cocoa.  Before I knew I couldn’t use convenient items, I made a meal of Poppy Seed Chicken (YUM!!). However, that recipe uses too many convenient food items, so I decided to change it.  I also made an apple pie this weekend, even though I don’t care for pie, it turned out pretty good.
Happy Mid-Week!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Steph and Manda!!!!!!

It is pretty awesome that my sister-in-law and sister have the same birthday.  Last year on my blog, I raided their facebooks and borrowed some pictures for the blog.  I decided not to do that this year but still want to wish them the happiest of birthdays.  They both had school today, and Steph had to commute to Arkadelphia today (ACK!!!).  My baby sister is 18 today, and I am so happy for her.  I wish I could have seen her today.  I got to see Steph today though, and I got to give her her gift.  Happy birthday girls!!!!!

This weekend I stayed in Arkadelphia.  Saturday, was by far the laziest day of the semester for me.  I stayed on the couch all day watching Lifetime movies.  I had plans to be productive but never got anything done.  I didn’t get a chance to go to Hobby Lobby on Friday, but I did get to go to Hot Springs and eat Olive Garden with Tyler.  I could have gone to Hobby Lobby, but Tyler hates that store and I didn’t want to make him go through that. 

Yesterday my backpack broke.  I was so mad.  I have gone through 2 in less than a year.  Today, after I got out of school, I went and bought myself a good one.  My new one has a lifetime warranty.  Tyler has always told me I needed a JANSPORT backpack, so today, I bought one.  Hopefully this one will make it till graduation. 

I have been growing my hair out to donate.  I had originally thought Manda and I would donate our hair together, but she is waiting till her high school graduation to cut it.  I CANNOT wait that long.  I have set the date for next week, and am so excited for a new do.  I am going to get some blonde highlights too.  These are a few of the cuts I have found online that I am debating between. 








4Any suggestions?