Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Micro, Yoga, and TV

     Hello Blog World!! Lately, I have fallen out of the swing of things but I am trying hard to settle down and make a routine.  Last week flew by and so has this week.  It is already hump day and I don't even remember Monday.  Last Thursday, Tyler and I finally made our way to Hot Springs to celebrate Valentine's Day.  We ate at Chilli's and it was so yummy.  However, Tyler did discover my little secret:  if I want a dessert I will order something small and then order a tasty dessert.  He He!!  But Tyler and I finally decided on a brownie sunday and boy was it worth the light dinner.  I really think I could survive on sweets.  That is something I am going to have to work on if I want to set good examples for my clients when I am a Registered Dietitian. 
     This semester I am taking Microbiology and I have mixed feelings about the class.  I find it hard to stay focused in class but I am very fond of the lab.  I like growing bacteria and viewing it under a microscope.  Last Wednesday I had my first exam and I was really nervous about it because there were six chapters to learn.  I guess all the stressing gave me an edge and I pulled off an 82%.  I was very proud of myself because the class average was a 75%. 
     Another class I am taking this semester is Yoga.  I becoming a big fan of this class.  We are not competitive and we are all beginners so it makes for an enjoyable evening.  I really love the time just for me to unwind and not to think about anything but my breathing.  This is definately going to be something I try to continue after this semester.  In class last week my teacher gave us an assignment.  She gave different students different topics and when she got to me I heard that my topic was yoga for "fat" care.  Well when I was doing my research I had a very hard time finding information so I emailed her stating my dilemma.  I never received a response back and I found some information on yoga for eating disorders.  So I decided that it would be good enough and took that to my Monday night class.  When I went to talk to her personally in class she informed me that my actual topic was yoga for "back" care.  I felt like such a "smart" student.  Luckily, she is a very nice teacher and let me turn in my eating disorder research. 
     On another note, Tyler and I have been able to watch tv together once again because Survivor and House are back on.  I love watching tv and have atleast two shows to watch Monday-Thursday.  It makes me happy to know that the hubby and I can curl up on the couch and watch some tv.  I love it being just me and him with not too many worries at that moment.  It is great.  I have had a busy week and am looking forward to Spring Break in about a month but most importantly I am in a great mood and am enjoying life.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Today is Valentine's Day and Monday.  For me it was kind of hard to be all lovey-dovey happy when it is Monday.  I think my first teacher realized and she brought the whole class candy.  It actually cheered me up untill my M&M bag was empty and I had to study for a chemistry test.  Tyler and I decided that since I had a long day today (starting at 9 ending at about 8 usually) and a microbiology test Wednesday that we would just celebrate on Wednesday or Thursday night.  I did try to be a little festive today with my socks.

I am really stressing about this micro test on Wednesday.  It is over six chapters and there is a bunch of information.  I do enjoy the lab part of this class but don't really care for the hour long lectures three days a week.  There really isn't much to talk about I just wanted to give whoever reads this a quick update to let you know I am still here.    

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching Up

     I finally received the rest of my wedding pictures and uploaded them to facebook.  I really want to upload them to my blog but my computer is back in the shop with another virus.  That means that I don't have acces to Window's Live Writer.  I did, however, get to make a new blog header with a few of the wedding pictures.  As soon as I get my laptop back I promise to put wedding pictures on here.  I still haven't shared any of my honeymoon pictures but I am really excited to share them too.
     After I finished uploading pictures to facebook I had a friend from high school with two cute boys ask me if I was ready for my own.  (I thought I would share this comment because I think it would be a great way to clear up any questions some one might have.)  I told her that I can't wait to have kids but right now, Tyler and I are just enjoying "us" time and spoiling our awesome nephew Christopher.  I am working hard to complete school and figure out what the future holds.  Tyler and I have a lot on our plate right now and a child would add to it.  Although, for if some reason we did end with a baby we would love him/her and treat him/her as a blessing.  We really believe all things happen for a reason and if God wants us to have a child He will give us one.
     On another note, I have decided to change majors to dietetics.  I am super excited about the switch.  I feel like I am being pulled in this direction and can't wait to see where it takes me.  I am not sure why I chose nursing originally because I HATE anything that comes out of the upper body. 
     Tonight Arkansas is expected receive another awesome snow.  I have really enjoyed the 3 (I think) snows.  They have covered the ground with a beautiful white blanket.  The snow has also given me one snow day away from school.  YAY!!!  Tyler and I went to WalMart today to stock up on some food just in case we get snowed in.  This was actually the first time that we bought "good" food.  We were so proud of ourselves.  We felt like adults.  Tyler and I have decided to loose a little weight by portion control and watching our snacking.
     The SuperBowl was Sunday and Tyler and I watched it at the Olmstead home with some family and friends.  I made Red Velvet Cake Balls and they were soooooo yummy.  We also had so much more food.  Everything was delicious and I think I ate more than on Thanksgiving.  After the SuperBowl, the hubby and I headed back to Arkadelphia, which made for a long and tired Monday.
     I hope everyone has had a great Tuesday and stays warm this week.  Enjoy the snow!!!!    

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TV and Cooking

I FINALLY HAVE TV!!!!  I am so excited to be able to turn on the tv without having to put a movie in.  I feel so connected to the outside world. YAY!!!!  This might sound weird but I am glad to be able to watch the news and see just what is going on in the world.  I remember when I was younger I used to hate having to watch the news during dinner and breakfast with my dad but now I don't feel like I can officially start my day without the news and weather. 
On another note...I am really proud about my cooking abilities here lately.  Last week I made homemade lasagna for the first time and it was really really good.  I made too much and Tyler and I have been eating on it since last week.  Tonight I made a new recipe.  It was called Quick and Easy Bacon Chicken.  I also made macoroni, mashed potatoes, and crescent rolls as side dishes.  I also have plans to make red velvet cake balls this week for the superbowl.  Hopefully they will turn out or else I will be bringing cookies from Walmart.
Tyler and I have been married for 1 month today.  I guess time really does fly when you are having fun.  I can't wait to see what the future holds.  I look forward to holding Tyler's hand through this crazy adventure called life.  I love you Tyler.  You are my best friend.