Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

It was actually a very unproductive day.  I got up, went to class, go out early, watched it rain, did my vocabulary, and went out to eat with my hubby.  That’s right I said it…it rained!!!  It was nice to see rain drops on my window.  I love summer and I love the heat, but I also love rain.  However, when it does rain it washes away all of my motivation.  If I hadn’t been keeping Tyler company on the phone, I am pretty sure I would have napped for most of the afternoon.  rain1

Tyler and I have noticed that our neighbors have some kittens living under their trailer.  We enjoy watching them play.  Today I got up and looked out my window to see two of them napping.  They are so cute!!

kitten2Like I said earlier, it has been a very unproductive day.  I blame the weather.  :) 


Monday, June 27, 2011

My HOT Weekend!!!

The weeks have been flying by and this week was no exception.  I can’t believe that my first class of the summer is almost over.  This is the last week, and I think I am going to pass with flying colors. 

This weekend Tyler and I went to Fort Smith with Steph and Stephen.  We did a little shopping in the early afternoon, and went to the 4:00 showing of Green Lantern.  It was really good.  However, it would have been better if we had watched it in the big theatre.  You would think that a movie that is a week old would be in a big theatre.  After all, it starred Ryan Reynolds.  We all decided that we could have just as easily stayed in Mena to watch it.  Anyways, after the movie we went to dinner at Olive Garden.  We had to wait 30 minutes in the heat, but it is so worth the wait for those bread sticks.  YUMMY carbs!!  I had my heart set on a snowcone all day.  Tyler knew of a place in Fort Smith where he used to deliver ice.  They were supposed to be awesome.  We made plans to stop by after dinner.  When we pulled in, the sign on the front of the building said, “…Saturday 9:00-10:00…”  It was 7:30 when we pulled in, and they were closed.  It was an extreme disappoint.  However, Tyler knew of place in Poteau that had snowcones.  He is definitely my knight in shining armor.  So, we hit the road, so that I could get a Tiger’s Blood snowcone.  

steph and i tyler and stephensnowcone

On another note, ain’t my nephew too adorable for words.  This is the shirt that I got him at Lum & Abner.  I didn’t take this picture, but I don’t care because this little boy’s aunt (me) kicks butt. :)



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yummy To My Tummy

Tyler and I have a running joke about what is blog-worthy and what is not blog-worthy in our life.  When either of us do something funny, stupid, or really great we always say, “…this is blog-worthy…”  It usually makes us both laugh.  This week we have decided that our dinners and desserts are blog-worthy.  I find this topic very humorous because it kind of makes me think that our lives revolve around food.  Sunday and Monday night of this week, we ate out.  However, Tuesday night we had chicken alfraedo.  This was my second time to make it, and it was just as good this time.  Tyler warmed up the last little bit of it today for lunch and added some Tony Chachere’s to make it taste like Cajun chicken alfraedo.


Last night, Tyler and I made pork ribs, green beans, and corn.  While we were at Wal*Mart this week, Tyler came across a bag of ribs.  All you had to do was take the stickers off the bag, poke a hole in the bag, and cook.  It took one hour to cook, and it made the house smell so good.  They turned out really good, and the only thing I would do differently would be to add some more barbeque.  

ribs1 ribs2

This week’s desserts were probably the best part of our meal plans.  I know as a future dietitian that this type of food should be limited, but it is so hard to resist when they are so tasty.  After ribs last night, Tyler asked me to make some chocolate-chip cookie sandwiches.  I had everything but eggs.  So I ran up the road to the Family Dollar to get some.  About a hour and half later they were perfect.  I had an extra cookie so I made a triple-layer sandwich.  Surprisingly, it still hasn’t been eaten.

cookies1 cookies2I really enjoy cooking.  I like making things from scratch or almost scratch because I get a feeling of accomplishment when I am finished.  I hate cleaning up afterwards, but who really likes cleaning the dishes.


Monday, June 20, 2011


I just woke up from a Monday afternoon, and it was good!! (Actually when I started this blog I had just woke up.) Monday naps are just as great as Sunday naps.  :)  Last week, I spent most of my time making the yarn balls.  They turned out so great, and I am so happy with them.  Once again, I had another test in my Management OB class, and I made a 86 on it.  Last week, I finally developed some wedding photos.  My mom bought a wonderful album for me before the wedding.  For the family that is waiting for a copy of some photos, this puts me one step closer to getting you copies.  :)


This weekend in Mena, Tyler and I didn’t accomplish much.  Saturday morning, I made Monkey Bread to go along with my momma’s huge breakfast.  It was my first time to ever make it, and it turned out really good.  Yes, it is as fattening as it looks.  To top it off my mom made a cream cheese dip for it.  YUM!!!  Tyler’s parents went to Colorado last week, and after breakfast Saturday, we went over to their house to catch up and look at photos.  While we were there the Olmstead’s came over.  Tyler and Christopher had a bunch of fun.  Uncle Bubba taught him how to turn a toy truck into something he can ride.   

monkeydootynchrisI have two weeks of summer 1 classes left, and then it’s time to celebrate the 4 of July.  On another note, Tyler and I have decided that my mom is causing us to gain some weight.  She is a good cook and always cooks breakfast on the weekends.  She also cooks at least one BIG meal with numerous sides and desserts each weekend.  Anyways, Tyler and I have been trying to decide how we want to loose some of the weight we have gained.  We are really thinking about purchasing some bikes to ride around Arkadelphia.  I am excited about this because I am not much on traditional exercise like going to the gym or running.  I am hoping that I can get into this biking. 

I hope everybody has a great week, and I will update when something catches my thoughts.  Happy Monday!!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yarn Balls

About a month ago, I was in a store with my MIL, and I came across some decorative balls that were made with yarn.  I picked one up, studied it, and realized that I could make my own.  I have been working on them all week and I finally finished.  I might need to make a few more.  However, I finished the ones that I bought.  I started off buying 2 four-inch stryofoam balls and 6 three-inch balls.  I also bought some yarn from Hobby Lobby and Wal*Mart.  I got the multicolored at Hobby Lobby and the brown from Wal*Mart. 


I used a clear tacky glue to stick the yarn on the ball.  I put the yarn on in a spiral.   


I think they all turned out great and I am so proud.  However, they were time consuming.  I only did two a day and finally finished today. 


I got this beautiful bowl as a wedding present, but I had nothing to put in it.  I used to keep the salt and pepper in it.  I knew that was very redneck, and I am so thrilled that the balls look great.






Sunday, June 12, 2011

wrapping up my week :)

Overall, my week was pretty uneventful.  I had two tests this week and aced them both.  I was so excited.  I mostly studied in my bedroom.  Daisy would keep me company while I studied.  She has a little bed in our bedroom that is a little too small.  However, she will sleep in it if necessary. 


Daisy likes to roll in the grass when I take her out for a potty break.  It cracks me up because she acts like she has never felt grass before. 


One of the most eventful things this week was that on Thursday, Tyler and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Texarkana.  Tyler had a gift card for Olive Garden, and I had worked really hard at school.  We also decided to see FastFive.  It was so good.  We also walked around the mall and went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some yarn.  (Details on the yarn craft later.)  When Tyler and I finished dinner, we had a little time to kill so took some random photos while we were waiting for the movie to start.

b1tyler1 tnb1

Tyler and I spent the weekend in Mena.  Friday afternoon, I got to catch up with my Aunt Paula.  It was fun and entertaining.  Past that, Tyler and I did not accomplish much.  On the weekends when I bring Daisy home,  dad and mom treat Daisy like their granddaughter.  Daisy isn’t allowed on the furniture at our house.  However, at my parent’s house she is. 


That last picture took about 20 attempts.  Tyler finally managed to get us all in it.  I have one test this week, and I will possibly start a paper.  I am actually enjoying this class but overall I am ready to be finished (as in graduated).  If something exciting happens this week I blog early if not see ya next Sunday.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

my week in a nutshell

My first summer class of the summer started this week.  I really enjoyed the first week of school.  Tomorrow I have my first test and I am little nervous.  I stayed on top of the vocabulary this past week and had it all typed out and ready to study.  Thursday, I received my study guide and started looking up the information.  Today, I finished the study guide and have reviewed the vocabulary.  I hope I do well.  My teacher said that his class average is usually a 75.  I would be very happy with a 75 but I hope I do better.  However, this is a business class and I am a dietetics major. 

I took some photos this week with my Iphone to document my events.  I figure since it is summer and I am not as focused on blogging, that as long as I take pictures and can post them weekly, I am in good shape.  :)  Soooo here is my week in Ipics…

First of all, my baby Daisy has found a nice cool spot to stay during these HOT days of summer.  She has a comfy pillow in the living room but is much happier on the tile. 


Like I mentioned earlier, I have been focused on my class.  I am trying to be a better student this summer.  This past spring I just did the minimum I needed to get by and my grades showed.  Now I am trying to study harder and try to remain focused on the subject I am studying.  This is what it looks like when I try.  Yes, I do have a desk but I just wasn’t in a desk sitting/studying kind of mood.


I cooked dinner most of the week, but by the end of the week Tyler and I decided pizza sounded good.  So I took a random picture of myself enjoying the drive to Pizza Hut.


Tyler and I decided to take the long way home this weekend again.  :)  We went from Arkadelphia, to Shreveport, and then to DeQueen.  The trip started out pretty neat.  As we were leaving Arkadelphia, we came across a group of about 20 Corvette’s.  We cruised with them all the way to Hope.  I tried to get a good picture but it just never really turned out.


When Tyler and I got to DeQueen we waited in old Wal*Mart parking lot so that Tyler could meet a guy for work.  We had a little time to kill so I grabbed the camera and took a photo.


This weekend was Lum n Abner.  It is pretty much just a festival celebrated with crafts, games, music, and a car show.  Tyler and I went and looked at the cars and then did a little shopping.  We ran across these too cute for words T-shirts.  We just had to get them for our precious nephew Christopher. 

aunt uncle

After the festival, Tyler and I spent the rest of the weekend hanging with family.  I really enjoyed my Christopher time.  We played a little soccer/basketball.  It was super fun and he is so darn cute. 

c1 c2 c3     

I had a great week and am ready for another weekend.  :)  I hope everybody has a great week!!