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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, June 5, 2011

my week in a nutshell

My first summer class of the summer started this week.  I really enjoyed the first week of school.  Tomorrow I have my first test and I am little nervous.  I stayed on top of the vocabulary this past week and had it all typed out and ready to study.  Thursday, I received my study guide and started looking up the information.  Today, I finished the study guide and have reviewed the vocabulary.  I hope I do well.  My teacher said that his class average is usually a 75.  I would be very happy with a 75 but I hope I do better.  However, this is a business class and I am a dietetics major. 

I took some photos this week with my Iphone to document my events.  I figure since it is summer and I am not as focused on blogging, that as long as I take pictures and can post them weekly, I am in good shape.  :)  Soooo here is my week in Ipics…

First of all, my baby Daisy has found a nice cool spot to stay during these HOT days of summer.  She has a comfy pillow in the living room but is much happier on the tile. 


Like I mentioned earlier, I have been focused on my class.  I am trying to be a better student this summer.  This past spring I just did the minimum I needed to get by and my grades showed.  Now I am trying to study harder and try to remain focused on the subject I am studying.  This is what it looks like when I try.  Yes, I do have a desk but I just wasn’t in a desk sitting/studying kind of mood.


I cooked dinner most of the week, but by the end of the week Tyler and I decided pizza sounded good.  So I took a random picture of myself enjoying the drive to Pizza Hut.


Tyler and I decided to take the long way home this weekend again.  :)  We went from Arkadelphia, to Shreveport, and then to DeQueen.  The trip started out pretty neat.  As we were leaving Arkadelphia, we came across a group of about 20 Corvette’s.  We cruised with them all the way to Hope.  I tried to get a good picture but it just never really turned out.


When Tyler and I got to DeQueen we waited in old Wal*Mart parking lot so that Tyler could meet a guy for work.  We had a little time to kill so I grabbed the camera and took a photo.


This weekend was Lum n Abner.  It is pretty much just a festival celebrated with crafts, games, music, and a car show.  Tyler and I went and looked at the cars and then did a little shopping.  We ran across these too cute for words T-shirts.  We just had to get them for our precious nephew Christopher. 

aunt uncle

After the festival, Tyler and I spent the rest of the weekend hanging with family.  I really enjoyed my Christopher time.  We played a little soccer/basketball.  It was super fun and he is so darn cute. 

c1 c2 c3     

I had a great week and am ready for another weekend.  :)  I hope everybody has a great week!!


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