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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yummy To My Tummy

Tyler and I have a running joke about what is blog-worthy and what is not blog-worthy in our life.  When either of us do something funny, stupid, or really great we always say, “…this is blog-worthy…”  It usually makes us both laugh.  This week we have decided that our dinners and desserts are blog-worthy.  I find this topic very humorous because it kind of makes me think that our lives revolve around food.  Sunday and Monday night of this week, we ate out.  However, Tuesday night we had chicken alfraedo.  This was my second time to make it, and it was just as good this time.  Tyler warmed up the last little bit of it today for lunch and added some Tony Chachere’s to make it taste like Cajun chicken alfraedo.


Last night, Tyler and I made pork ribs, green beans, and corn.  While we were at Wal*Mart this week, Tyler came across a bag of ribs.  All you had to do was take the stickers off the bag, poke a hole in the bag, and cook.  It took one hour to cook, and it made the house smell so good.  They turned out really good, and the only thing I would do differently would be to add some more barbeque.  

ribs1 ribs2

This week’s desserts were probably the best part of our meal plans.  I know as a future dietitian that this type of food should be limited, but it is so hard to resist when they are so tasty.  After ribs last night, Tyler asked me to make some chocolate-chip cookie sandwiches.  I had everything but eggs.  So I ran up the road to the Family Dollar to get some.  About a hour and half later they were perfect.  I had an extra cookie so I made a triple-layer sandwich.  Surprisingly, it still hasn’t been eaten.

cookies1 cookies2I really enjoy cooking.  I like making things from scratch or almost scratch because I get a feeling of accomplishment when I am finished.  I hate cleaning up afterwards, but who really likes cleaning the dishes.


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