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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, April 14, 2011

bunny cakes and classes

I haven’t had a very productive week.  I have pretty much just gone to school, then home, school, home, etc.  Today, however, I finally broke the old boring routine.  After a horrible night of sleep, I finally rolled out of bed and started my day.  I had big plans to make a cake for the Speer family Easter celebration this Saturday.  I wasn’t going to make just any cake but a “Bunny Cake.”  I had found some pictures and directions on how to take two round cakes and make a cake that looks like a bunny.

The first thing I had to do after purchasing the goodies was gather all my ingredients and equipment. 


After that, I had to come up with a design of how I wanted my bunny to look.  Obviously, it took a couple of drafts.  There are even more on the bottom of this sheet, but they started looking a little possessed.


This is the scene after my many icing color mixes.


This was the final product.  I was so proud.  The hardest part was a toss up between trying to find a tray big enough for him and icing the sides of the bunny.


On another note, today I got to figure out and plan my schedule for the next few semesters.  I am so excited to begin the journey towards my degree in dietetics.  I am taking two summer classes this year.  I will take one in June and the other in July.  Unfortunately, this means that I will probably be unable to go on vacation with my family when they go to the beach.  I will be taking 16 hours in the fall, and they are Monday through Friday.  All in all, it is not a horrible schedule, but I am pretty nervous about Business Statistics.  If all goes well, I will be graduating in two years.  HIPHIPHOORAY!!!

Tonight, I have been working on some university writing homework.  It is actually one of the few times that she actually sent us home with an assignment.  However, I have become so confused on what I am supposed to be writing that I am unable to completely finish.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to go to class and get some help.  On American Idol tonight, I got very disappointed with the results.  Paul McDonald went home.  I was so upset.  I loved his voice, pearly whites, and quirkiness on stage.  I hope everybody has a safe night through the storms headed towards Arkansas.


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  1. Britney your cake looks wonderful!! I miss you!