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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy “Hump” Day!!

So yesterday was Tuesday and I barely had enough motivation to shower.  I pretty much stayed in my pajamas all day.  I did have some energy to finish a little homework in my university writing class and laundry.  Boy will I be glad to be finished with university writing.  The sweet little lady that teaches it grades very hard.  I almost always make a C or worse and mostly because of commas.  It really makes me question my blog and I feel like I need somebody to edit it.  (If you read this and find a grammatical error please do not tell me.  It would just upset me. :) Thanks.)  I also had enough motivation to stay up and watch Teen Mom 2 season finale last night.  I know I could just look around and see plenty of teen moms (not that I have anything against most of them) but I love this show.  I am majorly addicted.  I have been watching since 16 and Pregnant came to mTV. 

Wednesdays are always a busy day for me.  I have class starting at 9 with a break from 10-11 and at 12.  Then I go back for microbiology, chem lab, and micro lab.  All back to back.  Tonight when I got out of school the hubby and I headed to Wal*Mart for some much needed groceries.  Then we got home, had leftovers, and cuddled up on the couch to watch Survivor and American IdolSurvivor is one of the few shows that we actually agree on.  Tyler has a little trouble sitting if the show does not grab his attention.  I sometimes wonder where he gets that.  I have some homework that I should probably be thinking about but it is in my writing class.  The assignment is to have a little research ready by Friday about a woman or man that is a regular individual but has shaped his/her hometown.  I am thinking about doing mine on either Holly Harshman or Louise Durham.

Between my 9 and 11:00 class, I decided to update my blog design.  I wanted to make it a little more “springier” and something that could easily transition to summer.  I really like the polka dots.  I hope everybody has had a great day!!!



  1. I love your new layout!

    Another person (living) that you could do your research over is Aubrey Tapley.

  2. hum.....I just wonder where Ty could get that.....hummmmmm.