Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend

Saturday morning Tyler and I left Arkadelphia a little before 8.  We were definitely early birds that morning.  When we got into Mena we headed straight to Ty’s house to drop Daisy off, take a quick photo for our registries, and pick up some stuff for Ty’s bank.  Tyler was unprepared for the photo shoot but he is so photogenic we got a couple good ones.  After that we went to the bank, then we registered at Herod’s and Coast to Coast.  I had so much fun registering I have trouble remembering what I picked out or left out.  After Coast to Coast Tyler was starving so naturally went to Papa’s and had a lovely meal.  After Papa’s we went to James’ Super Save Foods to get Shelton to do our flowers for the wedding.  He said yes and I picked out some gorgeous white rose bouquets.  Mine is going to be special with some silver jeweled flowers in it.  I think they are going to be beautiful.  We also got a bundle of boutonnieres for the groom, groomsman, mothers, grandmothers, ring bearer, dads, and candle lighters.  When we left there we headed to the travel agency to find out that they are closed on Saturdays.  However, it was okay because I got the number.  Next, I had an appointment with a lady about some wedding rental decorations.  I found the arch that I am going to use at the ceremony.  It is gorgeous.  It is huge and there are so many possibilities  when it comes to decorating it.  I also found the inspiration for my color scheme.  The owner, Kelli, let me borrow a blue chair sash. (Pic at the bottom)  When we left there Tyler and I went to Wal-Mart and registered.  It was really fun cause I got to use one the price guns.  At Wal-Mart I picked out some awesome blue Paula Dean cookware.  Love it.  We also decided, while at Wal-Mart, to buy DIY invitations.  We got some really cute ones.  On the other hand I am supper nervous about printing them and typing them out.  I am worried I will mess them up.  If somebody else did them I would be able to blame them.  Wal-Mart was our last stop for wedding related activities this weekend.  We then went to the Olmstead house and got to play with Christopher and chat with Steph and Stephen.  Finally, we met up with Tyler’s parents for dinner at Cruizzer’s.  I have accomplished so much this week wedding wise but I still have so much to do.  This week I plan to call the travel agency, call Kelli and reserve the arch, call about a caterer and baker, and get started hopefully on the invitations.  I am taking my bridesmaids to Little Rock on the 20th of the month to do some dress shopping.  Super excited!!!!  Next weekend Tyler and I are going to Texarkana to finish registering at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.  We are also going to go by Hobby Lobby and look at the wedding stuff, fabric, and flowers (center pieces).  Then off to the mall to look for Tyler’s wedding band and gifts for our attendants.  Lots to do but I am working hard and I know this is going to be a beautiful wedding.  I am working to hard for it not to be. 

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