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Friday, September 17, 2010

Just a lot of talk

First of all, my sociology teacher (the one that hardly speaks English) gave our class a 100 point assignment.  The assignment is to find 5 people who have been in an abusive relationship and have them complete a questionnaire.  This questionnaire is easily 120 questions long and can get pretty detailed.  (Ex. Did your partner threaten you with a gun or a knife?  Where did the abuse occur?  What was the duration of involvement?)  I find this assignment very inappropriate for a freshman oriented class.  (I know I am not a freshman but I needed the class for my degree.)  How are untrained college students supposed to bring this topic up in conversation?  How are we supposed to find 5 people by Thursday that have been in this kind of relationship?  If we are able to find them, how do we leave, just thanks, bye, best of luck with that?  This topic is very touchy for many individuals and the ones who have experienced it probably wouldn’t want to talk about it.  The predicament is how do I find these people and will they tell me the truth?  (It is or can be an anonymous questionnaire.)  Should I just find friends to take the questionnaire for me?  (how do I really know they haven’t been abused?)  Honestly, I am starting to think about it.

Secondly, I have an ethics teacher who encourages class participation.  I don't understand the class most of the time but I when I think I might have an opinion I speak.  Today most recently, I spoke my opinion and he made fun of it.  He never came out and said it was stupid but he found the stupidity within it.  He has totally ruined my enthusiasm for the class and I have started finding myself doodling more and more.   If the teacher asks for your thoughts why mock their answers?

On another note, I am back in Mena for the weekend.  I am soooo excited to spend time with my family or at least half of it.  Tomorrow I am helping with a baby shower and then hopefully on my way to Texarkana for some good 'ole family fun and food.  Along with all that fun, I have to find time for a journal entry due on Monday at 10 for my English class.  I have already completed 2 for this class and both have taken me approximately 2-2 1/2 hrs.  This English class has a lot of reading and writing but is quickly turning into a favorite class.


  1. (1) Your sociology teacher is crazy nuts.

    (2) Your ethic teacher is plain weird.

    (3) Glad you're liking your Masters of Wester Lit teacher/class.

    (4) Had fun with you at OG. :)

  2. Oh and also you have a PRETTY blog design!