Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daisy the Killer


These are some pictures of my little dog Daisy.


P1000859Recently Daisy and I have moved to Arkadelphia where we have an apartment.   Naturally, I take her out to potty several times a day.  (Something I failed to mention earlier is that Daisy is friendly to all humans but HATES other dogs.)  Up ‘till today we have not ran into any other dogs on potty breaks.  Today on our lovely stroll up the apartment drive (still waiting for Daisy to do her duty) I hear coming from the apartment to our left, “Time to go potty.  Come on let’s go.”  Knowing Daisy’s style I rush her down the drive but not fast enough.  Daisy is on a harness and leash but this big black lab mix comes running down the apartment stairs right towards us.  Like a good momma, I put myself in between them stupidly while they are growling and the hair on their back standing.  Luckily, the female owner of the black dog came down the stairs and the black dog ran off in fear.  So as Daisy and I walk away (no bruises or broken bones) the male owner yells at me from his balcony, “You got a Killer there.”  So long story short, apparently my little Daisy is a Killer.  Who knew?

On another note, my day consisted of nothing but school.  Sociology to be exact.  I really hate dislike this class.  I had a test today and hopefully I passed.  I CAN NOT understand my teacher, so therefore, I have to teach my self.  My major is nursing NOT teaching. 

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