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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Manda’s Graduation and Graduation Party

My baby sister is ALL grown up.  On May 18th, she graduated from high school!!


The next day, I threw her a party.  Through a few tears and a lot of sweat, everything turned out great.  There was food from a grill, a balloon pit, a streamer wall for pictures, and table all about her. P1020193P1020194P1020213P1020219

The balloons kept blowing out of the pit, so we had to use grandma’s quilts to cover the pit. Quite humorous!!

I guess should explain, that all of her presents are in the pit. 

After eating, she has to get into the pit and find her presents. 

All the guests get to laugh her while she bobs around in the balloons.


Everybody that came had their picture taken in front of the wall.

P1020196P1020197P1020200 P1020201 P1020203 P1020204 P1020220P1020222

The balloon pit also made for some pretty cool pictures.


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