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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Everything Else…

This is my third post in one day!!!!  Definitely a record.  This post is just a bunch of randomness from summer.  I will try to get all the stories right and in the correct order.  Just bear with me.

First of all, Steph and Stephen went on a cruise, and I got to watch after my cute little nephew for a couple days.  I know I say this every time I talk about him, but he is so darn cute and at a really fun age.


I also got some snuggle time with Baxter during the Olmstead vacay.


Tyler and I are trying to eat at home more. We couldn’t take it anymore, so we splurged and went to Pizza Hut.  The Pizza Hut in Arkadelphia has an outside eating area and we love sitting out there during the spring and summer.  We usually ending up staying for a couple hours without even realizing it.


A couple weeks ago, we drove to Texarkana to run some errands and get some Olive Garden.  Of course, we ate WAY more than we should have.


I snapped this picture before we left for out day date.


I’ve been in Arkadelphia for about 3 weeks.  This is probably the longest I have ever stayed here during one stretch.  Well, I got bored one day and decided to get some summer time highlights.


I’ve also been doing some crafts.  I made this the other day.  It’s a scripture board.


I’ve also spent some time at the pool working on my tan.


On Saturday, I went to one of Tyler’s cousin’s wedding.  It was short, sweet, and to the point.  There was good food, good music, and good times with family.  Tyler couldn’t make it because he was working. :(

I was laughing during this photo.  Also, I am pretty sure I wasn’t even looking at the camera.


That’s it.  I think I am caught up.  YAY!!  Happy Hump Day!!


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