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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Madness (with LOTS of pictures)

So it’s Monday again.  YAY!  (That’s sarcasm ya’ll)  Luckily, it’s almost over.  I haven’t been very productive today.  I went to class, came home, took a nap, and then went to Wal*Mart.  Now I am online, ignoring the calls coming from my books.  Last week flew by, and I didn’t do much.  I had two tests, got my hair trimmed, and eyebrows waxed (…and boy they needed it.) 

Mena’s homecoming was Friday and Manda looked GORGEOUS!!!  Honestly, she had the best looking dress.  She didn’t get queen, and I think I was more upset than she was.  Now for some pictures…  

Her she is ready for all the group photos.  Of course, she would wear her cowboy boots.


But she wasn’t the only one to wear boots.


I told you she was GORGEOUS!!!!


Here are some of the group photos.


These two pics were taken during waiting periods.


While everyone else was watching the Bearcats beat Dover, this is what I was doing.

The Family


Manda and Christopher (he is looking at his momma in this pic)  


Manda and Macen (who knew a guy from Acorn had so much Bearcat spirit)


What a goof!!


This was my homecoming mum.


Overall, homecoming was a lot of fun.  It was an honor for Manda to even be nominated.  I was so proud of her and she looked beautiful.

I went home on Sunday morning because Tyler was going to be there.  When I got back to the apartment, we decided to go eat and do a little shopping.  We finally have a little patio and we needed some chairs and a table.  We found these at Wal*Mart.  Next spring I will buy a potted plant or two and some sort of mosquito repellant.  I hate the little boogers but they seem to love me.  We also had some time and decided to hang up some pictures. 

14    This is in the hall way.  I know it’s hard to tell but the round thing is a big beautiful red clock.8       6


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