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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brain Dump

We are finally moved into our new apartment, but not yet settled.  Tyler and I are very happy with our decision and have enjoyed the last few days.  I feel very comfortable here and like that there is a pool and walking trail right outside.

I took this picture on Sunday and sent it to my dad.  He is a very organized person and I knew this would freak him out.  :)  He is a little OCD, and I am constantly trying to bug him out about it. 


Tomorrow, I have my first test in business stats and meal management.  I am a little nervous about them both.  If had to pick a hard class these two are tied for first place.  In meal management, the teacher doesn’t use a book so I have like 100 pages of notes to go through.  In my business stats class, I have a some notes to go through just to review.  It’s just too hard to study for a math test.  I have done very well on the homework and one quiz, but I am afraid I am going to forget it all for the test. 

This summer I started a new study technique.  I take my current notes and rewrite them on a blank piece of paper.  I don’t like note-cards, but if I find something extremely important or I have items like vocabulary words, I use them.  However, I was procrastinating studying last night and I started to doodle.


My brain is full of thoughts today, and I can’t keep them organized.  One minute I will be thinking about my dog and the next I am thinking about homecoming.  School is also squeezing in there too. 

I just got my internet and cable installed and I am so thankful for that.  I am seriously addicted to technology. :)


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