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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012

I woke up yesterday bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30 a.m.  I have this routine you see.  I get up every morning (and it doesn’t matter what time) and eat breakfast.  Well, since Tyler knows me pretty darn good, he put my beautifully wrapped present in the cabinet next to the cereal.  When I opened it up, I was so surprised.  Since Ty was still sleeping, I took it out of the cabinet and put it on the table.  I was thinking that he would see that I saw it and I would open it when I got home from school.  Then, I continued with the rest of my routine.  When I was getting ready to leave, I went into to the bedroom too kiss Ty good-bye.  He woke and told me to open the gift.  So I did, and it was a beautiful necklace.  I have seen the Open Heart collection from Kay and I really liked it.  Tyler got me an open heart necklace.  It is gorgeous!!!!

I realized that I am the farthest thing there is from being romantic.  I mean Tyler had planned ahead and got me a beautiful necklace and his gift was still sitting on the shelf at the store.  I knew what I wanted to get him.  I just hadn’t gotten it.  I am lucky to have a man that still loves me and is willing to overlook my flaws like procrastination. :) 

I went to school, had a party, and came home.  When I got home Tyler said he wanted to go out for the holiday of love.  We loaded up and went to Hot Springs to eat at Chilli’s.  Before we left Caddo Valley, I already knew what I wanted for dessert.  Nothing new there.  :)   A big ol’ brownie sundae was calling my name and let me tell ya, it was absolutely delicious!!!  Afterwards, we came home and chilled.  It was nice and relaxing.

Overall, I had a pretty good day.  Tyler got sick in the middle of the night with the same 24hr bug that I had last week, so I have been trying to take care of him between classes and laundry.  Luckily, he is doing better this afternoon.

Happy Hump Day!!!


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