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Monday, February 13, 2012

Cruising to Mexico!!!

As promised, this is all about my trip to Mexico.

We boarded the Carnival Conquest on Sunday, January 8, 2012.  Our port was in New Orleans.  It took us 2 days to make the drive, and we were so excited to be setting sail for a warm vacation.


On our way to board we passed by the Super Dome (not really sure if it is one word or if it should be capitalized).


This was Tyler and I on the boat.  We were just leaving port; which is why you can still see land behind us.


Our first sunset on the boat.  Yes, you can still see land.  We were traveling down the Mississippi River, and it took a long time.


The first two days of the cruise were days at sea.  We didn’t do much except enjoy the distance from land, eat, tan, eat, play mini-golf, and eat.  We got dressed up for a formal dinner as well. 


After our fancy dinner, we went back to our room and changed into some more comfortable clothes for a comedy act.


We finally arrived in Jamaica.  Tyler had been to Jamaica in the past and was not impressed on his trip.  Since I had never been there, we decided to get off the boat walk, through the shops right by the boat, and get back on.  We were off the boat for maybe 30 minutes, and we didn’t even buy anything. 


Instead, we spent the day enjoying the lack of people on the boat.  It was so nice to find a lounge chair easily and not fight people off in the pool. 


The next day, we went to Grand Cayman.  Tyler and I wanted to go snorkeling, so we did.  It was amazing!!! The water was crystal blue and the coral reef was really neat.  I loved seeing all of the fish and sea creatures.


We also ate at a pretty expensive restaurant.  When I say expensive, I mean it cost us $20 to share an appetizer with 2 cans of coke.  We quickly learned that an American dollar wouldn’t get you far.  Then, it was time for another fancy dinner night on the boat. 


Our final destination was Cozumel.  I love this place.  Here, Ty and I went on a zipline adventure.  It was absolutely amazing.  The second part of our adventure was to go to a resort.  We went, but we didn’t stay long because it started raining.  We spent the rest of this trip shopping and stuffing our faces at the Three Amigos.  It was excellent food!!! 

P1020141P1020132P1020150P1020149P1020153P1020156On the last day, I was tired of carrying my camera, so I didn’t.  I do regret it now.  On the last day aboard the boat, I won a trophy playing their version of minute to win it.  I had to blow up and tie 8 balloons.  I guess I am just full of hot air because I had no problem with this challenge.  My father-in-law one a medallion on the last night too.  He played a game with 7 other people.  They were broke up into teams of 4.  He had to take a spoon put it down his shirt and pants and pass it off to the next person.  It was hilarious!!! 

I know Tyler and I had just gone a cruise for our honeymoon, but we don’t regret going on this cruise too. It was an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TRIP!!!!!!!  


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