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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I’ve been up to…

Well, I have been pretty MIA recently. Sorry to those few that read this blog.  Since I am so far behind, I am just going to put a bunch of pictures on here with captions.  Here goes nothing. 


Tyler and I went fishing on the weekend of Easter.  Tyler got the first catch of the day.


This was just one of my catches.  He was a little booger.


I did end up catching the biggest fish that day.  I also got a sexy farmers’ tan.


A girl couldn’t ask for a better Saturday.


On Sunday, I decided to cut up the turkey.  Scary at first, but I did awesome job (me tooting my horn).


Last Tuesday, I got a new scholarship.  It was just a little one, and I had to go to two award ceremonies.


Last Friday, after a great dinner with dad, Manda, Macen, Tyler, and I drove out to the Blow Hole. 

It this pretty cool place at the base of a lake’s dam.  The culvert pictured above shoots out water and air.

photo 1

Me and my sis just a sittin’ on culvert.

photo 3photo 2

Can you tell my pants’ legs are blowing in the air???

photo 4

The hubby and I. :)


I was trying to get a picture of my hair blowing.


Tyler thought he would help get me closer to the opening of the culvert.

I couldn’t let go of the culvert though because it was too scary. 


Then, we had the smart idea to hike up the dam side and look at the other side.


Surprise! Surprise! It’s a lake!!!


Still made for a good picture and story.

I almost ended up rolling down the hill on the way down.


My sweet hubs is so SWEET.  He sent me this text one day while he was working. 

I love that song!!     


I took this picture the other day at school.  I was the first one to class and got a little bored and lonely. 

In other news…

My baby sister had her senior prom last week.  Hopefully, I can get some of those pictures up soon.  She was absolutely beautiful!!!

School has been CRAZZZYYY!!!  I am counting down the days until summer.  I turned in 2 big projects on Wednesday.  I have a test tomorrow and probably the biggest project yet due on Tuesday.  Going to be a fun next couple days.    

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