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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

I can’t believe Halloween is less than a week away.  Before long it will be Thanksgiving.  Then Finals. THEN CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!!!!!

Since it is so close to Halloween, that means the semester is a little over half way through and the teachers are piling on the projects.  Let me paint a picture…

  • Meal Mgt: Every Friday for the next three weeks my group and I have to prepare a meal. I have a special menu project due November 7.  A baking project due November 30.  A food demonstration sometime around November 14-21.
  • Family Relations: A journal analysis due November 4.  An 8 page autobiography due November 30.
  • Food Economics: A diabetic menu due November 1.  A renal menu due November 10.  A microbe assignment due November 15. A case study due November 17. 
  • Family Resource Mgt:  Project idea due November 1.  Four articles due 11-3, 11-10, 11-17, and 12-1.  Project summary due November 29.  Book review due November 15
  • FCS Seminar:  Project due November 16.
  • And to top it all off… three days a week of Business Stats homework.

I mentioned that for the next three weeks I have to prepare a meal.  The cooking part isn’t too bad.  I actually enjoyed it last week, when it was my turn to cook.  I felt like I was cooking my troubles away. :)  It was really nice because afterwards I didn’t have to many dishes or clean up to do at all.  On Friday, I turned half a whole chicken into Lemon Baked Chicken.  It was delicious.  The hardest part was cutting through the breast bone.  I don’t know why I couldn’t just cut off the breast meat.  I was just following instructions.  I also made an apple pie from scratch.  I don’t even like pie, but I was very willing to eat the pie I slaved over.  The absolutely worse part was staying within our $10.65 budget.  Have you ever tried to fix a meal for 4 people with everything from scratch? Not an easy task.  I was $2.50 over. :( 

Today, I only had one class.  I wouldn’t even call it class because I took a test and went home. I made an A on the test by the way.  After I got home, Tyler and I went to Wally-World to get some much needed groceries.  When we are out of milk, I feel like I can’t cook.  :) We bought some pumpkins and carved them this afternoon.  I will post pictures tonight when they are lit.   


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