Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Night

+Well it's Saturday night and I am laying on the couch trying to watch tv on Tyler's computer.  OOOOO how I miss television.  I still have internet but I feel disconnected without tv.  Luckily, the "tv man" should be hear Tuesday.  I am super-duper excited!!!!

+Today, Tyler and I went to Texarkana to run some errands.  It was fun.  We had three different gift cards that were burning a hole in my pocket and I was ready to spend them.  But in the end, I actually didn't use all of one of them. 

+Another highlight of the day, Tyler and I have been married for 4 weeks.  Pretty awesome.  OOO and for the first time in our married life I actually introduced myself as Britney Speer.  It felt amazing.  I mean I have told people my name is Britney Speer but I haven't actually shaken somebody's hand and said, "Hi, I am Britney Speer."  That was probably the most exciting event all week. 

+I still haven't completely settled in and I feel like laundry will never end but I really am enjoying married life and life not in an apartment.  The weather the last few days have been great.  I love the warm weather and can't wait to see more of it.  The only thing I really like about the cold is that I get to wear scarves. 

+Tommorrow, I have big plans to get some things accomplished.  Tonight, however, I think I am going to relax and read some more of Breaking Dawn.  (I am almost finished with it finally.)  I hope everybody has had a great day. Good night!!!

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